Home Inspection Pricing

Square Footage of PropertyEstimated Inspection Rate
up to 1,100 sqft.$250.00
1101sqft- 1400sqft. $275.00
1401sqft- 1900sqft. $300.00
1901 sqft – 2300 sqft. $330.00
2301 sqft. – 2800 sqft. $360.00
2801 sqft. – 3100 sqft. $385.00
3101sqft. – 3500 sqft. $400.00
3501 sqft. – 4000 sqft.$450.00
4001 sqft. – 4500 sqft. $500.00
4501 sqft. – 5000sqft. $550.00
Above 5000 sqft. Pricing upon per request.

$50.00 service charge for distance 70 miles outside of Newnan, Ga

$25.00 additional charge for crawl space.

Add-on Services

Inspection TypeEstimated Price
Pool/Spa Inspection$100.00
Asbestos Sampling$175.00
Mold Sampling $175.00 for two swap sampling,
$75.00 for more
Radon Testing $150.00
Re-Inspection $175.00
Termite Inspection done by 3rd party Licensed Exterminator$150.00
Pre drywall inspection$175.00
plus you get $75.00 off the total price of your final inspections
Pre slab, slab, other inspections before final inspection$175.00
plus you get $75.00 off your final inspection
Well Water or Water Testing with Laboratory Results$275.00
Air Sampling with Laboratory Results$275.00
Repair Report Estimate price for all defects in the report$80.00
Infrared Scanning: electrical hot spots, plumbing water leaks, insulation condition$175.00
Lead paint testing with Laboratory Results$175.00
Lawn Irrigation System Inspection$75.00
Meet the Owner

Meet the Owner

Lionel Thomas, the owner of All Alert Home Inspections,  is a member of ASHI and InterNACHI.

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